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Rare XL white Cadovius wall unit

Rare XL white Cadovius wall unit

Rare wall unit by the famous Danisch designer Poul Cadovius. This wall unit was produced by the famous company Royal Systems. 
It's one of greatest and best known  successes in Danish furniture history.
This one is an original piece from the late 1970. 
The system includes MORE then there is on the photo's. 
System includes; 
- 5 white shelves 
- 3x wood shelves
- 2x wooden shelves XL, can be used as desks
- 1x cabinet with drawers 
- 1x desk with 2 drawers
- 1x secretary
- 1x bar cabinet
- 2x small cabinets 
- 2x big cabinets
- 3x big wall mounts 
- 4x small wall mounts

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